Day 6: Glenwood Springs, CO (9/6)

Though both Brian and I had troubles falling asleep last night, it felt great to wake up naturally. However, due to our schedules it’s been necessary to wake up shortly after the sunrises. So, I think our habits have grabbed ahold of us and we wake up semi-early, anyway. Wake, drive, settle, sleep, repeat.

It was a rainy morning in Boulder and as I’ve been told, that just doesn’t happen frequently. In fact, Trudy mentioned that Colorado has (on average) 330 days per year without rain. That may or may not be precise. But I suppose the mostly barren land outside of her home was appreciating the precipitation, as well as the citizens of Boulder. I will say again that Trudy is quite the lady. She has the laid back personality which I’ve been noticing a lot within the people here at Colorado. Along with being laid back though, she’s quite persistent; persistent in a caring, friendly way. After a few Poptarts and a spoon full of peanut butter, we wished farewell and many thanks to her and Tasha (her giant, white, fluffy pillow of a dog).

It was a great relief to know that we only had about a four hour drive ahead of us. Brian’s mom had suggested that we have lunch with her friend Cathy while we were still in Boulder. She ended up having important matters to tend to which was perfectly fine because that gave us time to roam the city for a while. I bought a T-shirt, of course. It reads: “In most states getting this high is a felony”. Again, such a tourist sometimes. Afterwards we met a kitten named Pegasus, browsed and purchased novels at a quaint book store, came so close to being guilted into supporting children in other countries (which is an absolutely worthy cause, don’t get me wrong), stopped at Chipotle to feed Brian’s tummy, and stopped at a gas station to fill Brian’s Focus up. Before we knew it we were on our way to Glenwood Springs, CO to stay with Brian’s cousins Nancy and Denny. I thought the view from Trudy’s house was breathtaking, but the interstate on the way to Glenwood Springs was more than that. A few stops were made just to capture the essense of the snowcapped mountains which slowly turned into dry, red, rocky mountains. The rain was relentless, but it didn’t affect the beautiful scenery.

Before we knew it, we arrived at Nancy and Denny’s home. I met Brian’s great aunt Ren who is Nancy’s mother and she is delightful. Not only delightful but knowledgable and her experiences and stories completely blew me away. Then, I met Brian’s great uncle Karl who is Nancy’s father. He is unbelievable. A jewish man, with a strong German accent who has survived the reign of Hitler and far more unimaginable events. Talking to Ren and Karl was almost like being in the midst of a college history lecture (in a fantastic way).

We all had an enjoyable dinner and shared more life stories. Then gathered in the family room to feast our ears as Brian played his guitar for family who seemed to be mesmerized.

Denny is a sort of nerdy, innovative man who showed us a few crazy automatic insertions as well as creations that he had placed around the guest house. The guest house is where Brian and I are sleeping tonight. It’s like our own hideaway in the midst of the mountains. Nancy, I know you will read this. You are absolutely wonderful in your own quirky way and we thank you for everything. Included in that thank you is the use of that ever so relaxing hot tub. It’s about 3 a.m, and too late to function if I may say so myself. Tomorrow: hello Bryce Canyon, Utah. I hear you are a wondrous view.



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